Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a joy! This is Nice Nuru. Nuru means light and Nice is English for "nice"! I think they call her that because there is another Nuru in our small church. It makes me smile. She is a 5 month old baby of a couple in our church. They came to our house for lunch on Sunday, and was able to hold her for a while. It reminded me of when my babies were that little, although I don't remember my kids ever being that little. I know I haven't said this in a while, but I am so in love with my babies. They are three totally different yet equally amazing blessings. I am thankful to be their mom and Praise God for everyday that we are able to spend together.

 On Saturday, I went to help with the preparations for a lunch that was held before a wedding. The brother of a lady in our church was getting married. When I arrived we sat for a while and chatted. Then they started bringing out vegetables bowls and knives for us to start cutting. I had a blast hanging out with them.

You can't have too many cooks in this kitchen.
These kids are so beautiful.

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