Thursday, October 20, 2011

There was a hole in the floor of the bus!

 Shelbyanne and Emily and I took a trip on the daladala (public bus) to have a play date with one of her friends from school. The bus rides there and back were exciting experiences.

One of the cultural differences that I have noticed here is...when people get on a bus with kids, and there is standing room only, they will put their kids in the laps of whoever is sitting near where they are standing. Sometimes people will give up their seats, but when they don't, people sitting just take strangers' kids.

So today, when the girls and I got on the bus, that is the situation we were faced with. We got on the bus and I put shelbyanne and Emily in the laps of some older women right next to where I was standing. The girls accepted this eagerly, since they didn't want to be standing. I thanked them for doing that so well, and Emily replied, "That's so we can be safe!"

On the way home we were blessed to find two seats next to each other available for us to sit in. We walked back toward the seats as the bus started moving. Emily stopped as she was getting into the seat. When we were finally all seated I looked down to see the reason why she stopped. It was only the size of a grapefruit, but... 

There was a hole in the floor of the bus!

Shy Shelbyanne
Emily loves her brother!

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  1. Hello Amy, Rob, Shelbyanne, Emily and Donovan.

    I've just read the last few updates on your blog and it looks as though you are having an amazing time still and really settling in. The pictures of the kids look great, Donnie (as Sister A would call him) has grown so much since I left. The girls are as beautiful as ever- Hello girls!

    I'm pleased to hear Shelbyanne is enjoying school and you are all getting on ok. Hope the house is still great.

    Still in England at the moment, I'm working for a charity the supports families living with deafness in the South West, I enjoy it most of the time but find it hard being behind a desk the majority of the days.

    Keep up the good work,
    All my love Charlie xxx