Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Treasure Hunt Continues...

The "treasure hunt" is what I have named our house hunting adventure. Of all the houses we have seen, which is about 22, we have found 3 treasures. Three houses that we would like to pursue living in. It is not so easy as finding a house and renting it. After  we find a house, then we start the process of negotiating things with the owner; like price, length of the lease, renovations or repairs needed, etc... Once we come to an agreement, then we write a contract, go over it, and sign it. THEN everything is settled and we start moving in. This is a long process. 
Rob has done a great job of updating where we currently are with finding a house and our financial needs to rent the house. Please take a minute to click on the link below and read our ministry blog.

I have included a few recent pictures below. 
Emily and I
Donovan warming up after swimming in a hotel pool.
Sweet Shelbyanne.
We were having a quick bite to eat at the mall
by the ocean after a morning of house hunting.
She was a trooper.
The view from an upstairs window in our house
of a rain storm blowing into town.
Rob and our guard blaying a local game called Bao.
I think our guard won!
I saved the best for last. This cracks us up.
Emily wanted to go to bed the other night with
underware on her head. ??? They were clean of course!