Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A trip to the market

Today I went to the market with our house helper. It is always an adventure. I was thankful that we were able to walk there, which took about 10-15 minutes, and not be in a hurry. I had two missions today; 1. Buy meat from a butcher; 2. Look at the vegetables and fruits that are available and check out the prices. I have been to the market before, but lately I have been sending our guard to go buy the things we need. It is good for me to go to make sure I get what I want, and to check the prices for the different foods. The tomatoes were 6o cents less per sado (bucket full) this time, which is good to know. I was also able to buy ground beef at a good price. That is good to know.The walk back was a little longer since we were both carrying heavy bags of vegetables. She carried hers on her head, and I carried mine over my shoulder. I told her she needed to teach me to carry things on my head. She laughed, but I was serious! :) Everything I got today at the market and butcher cost less than $20. So thankful there is a market close to our house. Here are some photos of us lately!
Donovan wants something.
Can you tell what it is?...
He is saying, "Juice!"

The kids love to play in and around our pool. 
Our pet spider. Rob likes to feed it flies.
Emily's creation. I think it was a cake this time.
Rob's superior Tetris skills have been passed down
to our daughter, Emily.
The kids found a butterfly with a broken wing.
It wasn't able to fly away. :(

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