Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting the Job Done!

     After returning from 2 & 1/2 weeks of training in Thailand, I had a case of culture shock. I was so glad to be back with my family and ready to get back to our routine, but mentally I was fighting a battle. I found it hard to come back to life here after enjoying the conveniences and familiar things and places in Thailand. Like fountain drinks, huge malls, McDonalds, air conditioners, worshiping the Lord with songs in English, and spending time with friends I have loved and missed...etc. Then to come back to Tanzania where life is different. As Emerson Eggerichs puts it, "Not bad, just different!" 
     It didn't take me long for the Lord to redirect my thoughts. I have a job to do here and I didn't have time to put things off. So back to work I went. For the last few weeks I have been preparing visa paperwork for 3 new families heading to Tanzania this year. I am so thankful to be blessed with this job and am looking forward to seeing them all arrive in the coming months. Please pray for them as they are in a time of transition, decision making, packing, and saying their goodbyes (for now) to families, friends, and churches. 

     What's on my mind now...
  • I need to find a language helper. We are at a place in our language program where we need to be meeting with people individually. Plus, I need to be talking with a woman, hearing life from her perspective. Also, I have decided to stop being frustrated with myself about the things I don't know and can't do, and be thankful and excited about the things I do know and can do. I am thankful to the Lord for that perspective shift. The language learning conference I attended played a key role in positively adjusting some of my thoughts about language learning. 
  • It is time for us to start looking into buying a vehicle. We are able to get around with taxi's pretty well, but it has been harder since we have moved across town from where our regular taxi driver lives. We are trusting the Lord for guidance in this. There are several things we would need to have in place before we could even consider looking, timing, money, licenses, insurance, etc. To buy a car in Tanzania you have to pay 100% import tax since there is no internal automobile industry. That makes the prices quite high. We expect to have to pay between $10-20,000 to even buy a much older used vehicle. I know that nothing is impossible with God, so I can't wait to see God's hand in this process. 
  • My Mom Is Coming!!! My mom has visited me everywhere I have lived, and she is coming next month to stay with us for just over a month. The kids have already started making signs and pictures for her to celebrate her arrival. We are super excited to have her here, and for her to be able to see what life is like for us. 
Well, those are my ramblings for today. Blessings to you all in your journey. Sorry it has been so long since my last update. As they say in Tanzania..."Hii ni maisha!" "This is Life!" 


When the bus stops, you don't even have to get off. 
The convenient store comes to you!
Donovan loves to swing!
We were hiking in the woods. 
Daddy with his girls!
The Princesses of the rock!
This is how I carry Donovan 
when I am walking around town or hiking!
Donovan and I rode a zip line together...
and made it across safely!
We took the kids horse back riding for Emily's 5th birthday.
They loved it!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our House

I have been wanting to share photos of the house we moved into last month. God has blessed us so much. We have down-sized from 6 bedrooms to 4, and are loving having a one-story house with a big yard. Soon I will include some before and after photos of the yard that Rob and our guard have been working very hard on. We appreciate all the prayers and support that we have received. 
The Kid's Bathroom
Laundry Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Dining Area with Kitchen in the background
The Girl's Bedroom
Living Room!
Front Door
Office/Living Room/Dining Room
Looking from the kitchen to the living/dining area and front door.