Saturday, June 25, 2016

We have Arrived!!!

I give glory to the Father that the sights and sounds that were a shock to my system upon our first arrival, were there to welcome me home this time. Some things have changed here, but what has not changed is my love for this country I also call home and the people who live here.

We had such a great trip here. We stayed a night in the Doha airport Hotel because our flight schedule was changed giving us an 11 hour layover. It was such a blessing to get to swim in the hotel pool, take showers, and get some sleep before the last flight. Shortly after arriving in country we were welcomed by our coworkers DJ and Lucy. It was so great to arrive and see our friends and get to our current home.

We are now in the process of looking for a house to rent. We would like to settle in before school starts. We looked at one house today which I liked. What we are not sure of is if the dirt roads to the house from the main road flood during the rainy season. Please pray for this process to go smoothly and quickly. Pray also for wisdom to make the best choice.

Enjoy some recent photos and hope you are having a Blessed day!

The kids were waiting patiently as we were checking in.
After getting almost through security, I had to go back
and check a 2nd EXTRA bag because I didn't want to
throw away my new Mary Kay products and some prescription
lotion. I was blessed to not have to pay the extra fee for the bag,
due to the fact that all of British Airways computer systems
worldwide had gone down at that moment. :)
Waiting to board the first plane in Miami!
After we arrived in country we needed to wait
for our ride who was stuck in traffic.
So I took that time to get a phone card an internet access. 
We packed the car FULL to get us, our luggage,
and our friends back to where we live. 
Today we had a team social to celebrate ours and
another family's return. Our team cooked hamburgers
and hot dogs for us all and we played 2 great games of
Capture the Flag. These were the folks my team had put in jail! :) 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Haven of Peace Academy

Believe it!  There are opportunities for you to live overseas and serve on our team!  Do you have a desire to serve God somewhere in the world?  Do you have a desire to see kids and teens learn how to walk with God? 
HOPAC kids
Our kids attend the Haven Of Peace Academy (HOPAC) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania….(check out their video here!). There are SEVERAL opportunities for you to serve on STAFF at HOPAC starting in August.  Please take a look at the list of positions open and see if there are any that you might be interested in.  You’ll notice that there are IT/Computer teacher and Librarian/Media Specialist positions open as well!  So if you are interested in serving in these positions, please contact:  This is a fantastic opportunity to serve overseas as a missionary with New Tribes Mission!    
>>> Join the team where YOU get to serve the LORD and experience life as an overseas missionary.<<<  
Secondary GeographyMathematics, and Economics Teachers 
Secondary Art and Design Teacher 
Secondary English Teacher
Special Needs Teacher (all school)
Librarian/Media Specialist (all school)
Internet and Computer Technology Teacher (all levels)
Kindergarten Teacher 
PE Teacher