Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a short walk to church

Join us for a walk to church.
 Here we are leaving our house. It is about a 5 minute walk to church.

 This is the classroom that we meet in each week for church.

 This is our friend Kathryn. She has a beautiful smile and loves to sing.

 We are heading home. Don't worry, we didn't lose Emily. She is walking in front of Rob.

 We stop here sometimes to buy bananas and oranges.
 This is a little bridge that we can cross so we don't have to walk along the main road. Watch your step.

Hope you enjoyed visiting our church with us. We loved having you join us. Come again anytime...for real! :)

We are all doing well. Rob and I are progressing well in Kiswahili. We are enjoying learning it and are both ready to have meaningful conversations in the language. We have a lot to learn before we are able to converse, but the hope of someday sharing our story and the story of our faith keeps us motivated to press on.

Shelbyanne started school 3 weeks ago and is loving it. Some of her classes are Art, Music, Computer, Kiswahili, and Swimming. I think swimming is her favorite. Today, however, she informed me that tomorrow she wants to stay home. She only said that after asking me what Emily and Donovan do while she is at She is making friends at school and was already invited to a birthday party.

Emily is so ready to go to school. She is already able to read some words and tries to do the math homework that Shelbyanne brings home. She will do great when she starts kindergarten next year. She is a hoot. She will say something funny then the conversation goes like this...Mom: (laughing) E: Stop Laughing at me. Mom: But you make me happy. You are so funny. E: I am not funny...Then later she will say, "I am funny." My other favorite E quote is, "I am so exciting about that!"

Donovan, Big D, or according to Mom...Bubba! What a character. I can't think of another 2 year old that I have known who wants to see what shirt he is going to be putting on before he wears it. "See it!" He says. He wakes up happy, and the first thing out of his mouth is, "Breakfast?" He loves to mimic people. Sometimes when Rob talks to the girls Donovan will stand beside him and in his own way repeat what Rob says. Sometimes we think he is speaking Swahili, and he probably is.

Hope all is well with you. Let us know what you are up to.

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