Friday, March 11, 2011

Our New Life...

Life is very different here! I was riding in a taxi yesterday and noticed people on every street sitting around. I wondered, "Why don't they have anything to do?" What I didn't get is that "They did have something to do, and They were doing it." At Home we just seem to feel the need to go, go, go. I was definitely guilty of filling our schedules, so that our down time was spent in the car getting to the next thing or event. Here, almost 90% of our time right now is "down time".

Things are going to change! We have decided to use some of our start up costs to attend a 3 week language school in a city up north. It begins Monday, March 21st. Then when we return we hope to find a house for us to rent fairly quickly and begin setting it up. Language learning began on day 1 as we started learning greetings. Everyone is very eager to help us learn Swahili words and phrases. We have scheduled with the Pastor of the church we will be working with, Pastor George, as our language helper upon our return from Arusha.

God is so good! He knows exactly the times when I need to hear encouraging words. We have been out of the internet world for days at a time, and then have only had opportunity to use it sparingly. I feel like someone is stepping on that lifeline of mine. It is so very important for us to be in contact with our family, friends, churches. I know God is aware of what is going on in the facebook and e-mail world, and that it will still be there when we have our internet service established. I really feel like He is putting me to the test right now though. Am I going to trust that He is ALL I need?

Everyone is adjusting well! The food is good. The convent we are staying at runs a generator so they always have running water and power. Even when other parts of our neighborhood don't certain hours each day. That is helpful. The temperature for the rest of this month will be HOT. Then next month it is supposed to cool down and be nice for about 3-4 months. We're looking forward to that. I am getting used to the fact that I am just going to be sweaty. :) Surrendering to that fact makes life much easier. For me the hardest thing to get used to has been sleeping with no AC. Fans are great, but it is just plain hot. I am thankful this is a temporary circumstance, and am trying to focus on all the blessings of living here at this time.

Blessings...are found around every corner! The sisters here at the convent Love us and our children. They are so kind and accommodating. They cook our meals and will do our laundry if we leave it on the floor. The people are friendly and stare at us a lot. You really don't see many white people in this area of the city, so we are fun to watch, I guess. The young girls giggle at us a lot. I am wondering what that means. Maybe when I can speak the language I will ask them. Another major blessing is the encouraging notes on facebook, e-mail, and our blog. We really appreciate all your prayers. My heart is so lifted up and our spirits are high, because of you all! So, Thank You So Much!!

I look forward to when I have more to tell you. For now..."usikumwema" meaning - I am going to bed now.


  1. You all are an inspiration to me...May God continue to bless and protect you. May your beautiful children find the transition very seamless and easy...may they see Christ in the people that they encounter, and may the be changed forever by the love of His people. We love you guys very much and will stay in touch so that WE may be blessed by your experiences.

    love you guys!

    Terry and Jennifer Scalzitti

  2. Hey guys!
    We are excited to hear how God teaches you and uses you on this journey. We will be praying for you all. You are an inspiration to many :

    Love and miss you!
    Tracy, Reed and fam

  3. Thanks for the updates. We pray constantly for your family. God has you in his hands.

    Jim and Debby Harrison

  4. Thanks for the updates, Amy. Whenever I moved, I would always say to myself, "This will all be familiar to me next year, so no need to fret about all the unfamiliar now." Sounds funny but it always helped!

    Blessings to you all and I think of you every time I use the cinnamon-sugar shaker you made.

  5. Will it be cool by June? And will they build a McDonalds by that time?

  6. Keep thinking positively - that will make a world of difference - and enjoy the slowdown of life. It will give you such a new perspective on US life. So excited for the incredible adventure you are on. I identify with so many aspects and agree - what is unfamiliar now will soon be familiar and you'll forget that it was ever so strange. Praying for you and your whole family! Blessings! Kristin

  7. Thanks you guys! We are blessed and encouraged by you all. Deborah - very good perspective to have! Mike - Cool*Yes; McD's*doubt it! You can get diest coke here though! Kristen - I know you have been through this too!

  8. Thank you for keeping us informed. Agape Fellowship continues to pray for you. We are excited about your journey and send our own words of encouragement. Love, Pastor Debora

  9. Ellis Family,
    Glad to have the blog to keep up with your adventures. Having traveled in 3rd world countries of South America, I understand the difficulties. Stay safe and God Protected.
    Albert & Gail Thomas
    Spanish Fort Alabama

  10. Dear friends:
    I am so grateful to hear good things from you. We are praying for you. I know how important generators are!!! God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands.


  11. God Bless you Amy and Rob, Like most travel there is always a lot of unknowns. But God is the Great provider, and you have faith and prayers from so many. Loreta and I wish you safety and comfort. God will find a home for you and your beautiful family!