Monday, March 21, 2011

Donovan and Daddy on the airplane to Language school. It was a small 13 passenger plane. The pilot did an awesome job. Here are a few views of the city that we live in.
Here are a few views of wild Africa! The campus we are staying on is Beautiful. There is vegetation and wildlife in abundance here. It is paradise for an Eagle Scout and his nature-loving children. :) Mommy is taking it all in very well. Rob and the kids caught some bugs today and want to show them to you. They had a blast. We have seen monkeys, owls, bugs, fireflies, and lizards big and small so far. I am sure there is more to be seen. Our first day of Swahili learning went well. We went over greetings and how to use them. I definitely need to practice, but the good thing here is that the staff love to "help" the beginning Swahili learners with their language. So, there are lots of opportunities to practice. Here are some photos of yesterday and today's findings.

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