Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Church we attend hosted a baptism for the pastor's son and a man from a tribe outside the city. It was at the beach, so we got to take a trip out to the beach for a little bit. We didn't want to get all wet and sandy so we just played at the water's edge a little bit, but the girls had a blast anyway. Donovan slept through most of it and then woke up long enough to notice we were somewhere different.

We have upgraded our bathtub for the kids to a bucket that they can all fit into, one at a time of course. They love bathtime now, before the water was just cold when we would pour it on them that they would fuss and cry.

The Sisters her have a herd of ducks. They bring them out for a walk each day, and have let the girls hold them. The girls want a pet so badly! Not yet.
Do you notice anything different in the last picture? Rob and I have given all the kids a haircut. It is just too hot here for long hair. They love it, and we do too.
Hope all is well with you all. I have packed the kids and I for our travels this weekend. Now just Rob's packing and some last minute details and we will be ready.
Kwaheri - Goodbye


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us and keeping us informed of what you are doing

  2. Very cool Amy and Rob! It's so neat when I see how the Lord uses His kids...and they answer the call...

  3. Really different way that NTM is doing things there...tough being the guinea pigs :)

    Great pics, though, and sure love hearing about a different culture! Keep up the good work!

    How is culture shock affecting you guys?

    Chris D. @ the BI

  4. uhh...and I don't know what "ISCClub" is. I got assigned that to post a comment.

    Wonderful technology!