Friday, March 25, 2011

More Monkeying Around

You guessed it! The girls are about 10 feet away from a monkey. They were just off the road as we were walking home from class today. It has been so cool to be here amidst all the wildlife and vegetation. The kids have been able to play in the rain and catch all the bugs and salamanders their hearts desire. The accommodations here are very nice. One of the other students described living here by saying it feels like we are being pampered. I have to agree. They make 3 wonderful meals each day. We have tea time twice each day. Their is a laundry service that will wash and iron our clothes, for a small price. We can walk everywhere we need to go. The kids love their class and teachers. Emily said the other day as we were walking home that she wished she could sleep there at night with Shelbyanne. She said I could come too so they wouldn't be alone. I am so glad they like it. This place has made learning Swahili so wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed our first week here. Our class is going great. We get along well with all our classmates. We laugh a lot in class. We are learning so much. I am feeling more and more confident to practice the language that we have learned outside of class. I was able to write a paragraph in Swahili yesterday, and even understand all that I had written. I just hope when we leave here we are able to progress even more with what we will be doing when we return home.

Playing in the rain!

This was a new group of monkeys that we hadn't seen before. They were hanging out in the trees above the kindergarten area. So Cool!
Tutaonana Tena!!
See you again!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us. It is so wonderful to see all of your smiling faces. Please give Shelbyanne a big hug for me. What an awesome place filled with so many opportunities to grow closer to God. Praying God continues to give you strength and courage to handle what ever comes your way.