Sunday, July 14, 2013

There’s a buzzing in my ear…

I have traveled outside of the city we live in to coach some of our new co-workers through their first steps into the Tanzanian culture and language, Swahili. In the city I live in there is constant noise coming into my ears, from the sounds of my family, our dog, the calls to prayer that happen throughout the day, the traffic that drives by our house all day, to the books, music, sermons or Swahili that I listen to while I cook and wash the dishes. My ears are usually full of sounds.
It is only now, that I have come to this natural, quiet place do I hear that there is a constant buzzing in my ears. I wonder if it is my body’s way of filtering out all the sounds I hear each day. Or just something that is there all the time and I just don’t notice till I am at a place where things are quiet and sounds are even quiet.
I can hear the small things clearly; the rustle of the wind, the birds calling to each other, the bees buzzing around me, the rustle of the brush near me where a lizard just passed (I refuse to think it is a snake…but it could be that too. I am in Africa!) It is very refreshing.
Is this how I hear the Holy Spirit? He is with me all the time speaking into my life. When things are busy I don’t listen as well as I do when things are still and quiet and I can hear him constantly. I desire to hear Him all the time. I want to be sensitive to his still small voice even amongst the noise and busyness of life! Lord, 
help me to Listen Furiously!!!

Enjoy some photos below. They are not in the correct order of when they happened, but are all recent. 

Our co-workers learning Swahili at the campsite this month!
I dressed up one day
when they were learning
the names of articles of clothing.
The kids outside our church love looking
at their reflection in our car.
We invited my friend Lucy and her
husband over to celebrate her birthday!
Shelbyanne, Lucy , and I were preparing
the materials for Phase 1 of language study
for our co-workers.
We celebrated Rob's 35th birthday June 13th!
Shelbyanne wanted to give him one of our rabbits
for his birthday!
Notice anything funny about this picture?
This kid cracks me up sometimes!
Shelbyanne - Grade 2
Emily - Kindergarten

Shelbyanne loves babies.
Here she is holding our
house owner's baby.
This was at Emily's class's
assembly and awards ceremony.
Safari ants that pass our cabin to get
food from the nearby tree.
They are huge and bite hard!
I am standing by the man made
waterfalls that provide us with water
at the campsite I am staying at. 
Donovan and one of the Masai guards
at the shopping center.

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