Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Emily!

 March 30th we celebrated Emily's 6th Birthday. We had a party at our house. It rained all morning that day so we played indoor games and were able to go outside towards the end of the party. We were all blessed by the people who came and spent time with us celebrating Emily. 
Emily is the Mama Cat trying to figure out
which kittens are hers by listening for the meows. 
Emily is about to pin(tape) the tail on the bunny.
They had such a blast with this game.
All the kids wanted to do it.
Even out Pastor wanted to give this game a try!
Happy Birthday to You Emily.
Bring on the cake.
She asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
To me that means Texas Sheet Cake.
I know they thought at some point the sparkler
was going to pop. It was a big sparkler
in the shape of the number 6.
It was really cool. Emily loved it.
Emily got to cut her cake with her own engraved cake knife,
like she does every year! 
We were able to purchase a used trampoline from a dear missionary family that moved back to the US. We gave it to Emily for her birthday so that we could all start enjoying the exercise. :) The party ended with our pastor and his son jumping on the trampoline.
Joy filled my heart as I heard our pastor laughing like a child as he jumped.
Cool thing...Since that Day I have not once heard Emily say, "This is my trampoline!" I love and appreciate her generous heart! 

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