Monday, October 1, 2012

So, it has been a while...A Long While...since I updated my blog. 
Sorry about the absence. I have missed writing here, and have thought of many possible posts. Alas, today you are getting an update through pictures. They are not in any kind of order. Some are from my mom's visit here this summer. Others are of our adventures living here. Hope you enjoy them and look for another post from me soon!
Many Blessings, 
Donovan Hanging out under our glass coffee table.
He was watching a video. Interesting position!
Family Photo Time. Thanks Morrisons for capturing the pictures for us...
and for capturing our kid's attention so you could take the pictures!
Donovan and Emily playing football with a coconut
in the back yard with our co-workers.
Sound's like a CLUE game solution.
Coconut football with Daddy!
Donovan's 3rd birthday cake. Keeping it simple.
Daddy was traveling at the time. 
One of Donovan and Nana's favorite things to do.
He was pretty good at catching the ball!
Hanging out after a birthday party at a neighbor's house. 
Another of Nana and Donovan's favorite things to do together.
Putting together puzzles!
Kathryn and Catherine
Mom's Tanzanian Friend
Nana treated the kids to ice cream!
They obviously loved it!
Riding in a bajaj was one of Nana's favorite parts of her time here...
It was definitely an interesting experience for her!
Nana and the girls playing cards before bedtime!
The kids caught a hedgehog at school when we went to buy uniforms. 
This is Our Church!
First day of school for the girls. Donovan was so ready to go.
He started preschool a week later. 

Our first set of baby bunnies and their mama, Turika!
There are 4 kits. Donovan and I are trying to hold the 2 black ones.
Our kids love to play with the baby bunnies!
Donovan was trying to share his chips with his favorite bunny.
4th of July fun...playing Ticket To Ride with friends!
Library time at school with Nana!
Donovan Loves to play Soccer/Football!
Swing Time!
Emily showing her balancing skills on the merry-go-round.
Nana and I cooking in the kitchen! It was so fun to have mom cook with me. 

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