Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pictures from Birthday and Christmas

A family photo before Christmas.
We met a Tanzanian Santa!
Donovan discovering Christmas lights!
My birthday cake. Funny story. Rob ordered it from a
shop down the street and when he got it it said, "Happy Birthday Rob".
So he scraped the Rob off and wrote Amy with strawberry syrup.

The girls helped me blow out the candles!

Tanzania had the worst floods they have seen in 50 years the week of my birthday and Christmas. We had plans to go out for my birthday and Christmas eve. We thought we would have to reschedule because several of the bridges that allow us to cross town were washed out. The water had gone down and we were able to continue with our plans. We just had to deal with long waits in traffic and jams at the bridges. 
We had dinner at a nice restaurant in town.

Rob's amazing Cesar Salad.
My creamy vegetable soup. Yummy!
Christmas Morning Shelbyanne woke up before everyone, went downstairs and looked in all the stockings. She took
a present from under the tree and brought it up to Rob, who was in bed, and said, "Dad, can I open this?" 
Donovan discovering his stocking!
Donovan loved the Mac truck with Lightening McQueen
he got from Meme and Grandaddy!
Thanks for the puzzle Meme and 
Grandaddy! I love looking at the box.
Mommy and Daddy gave him a soccer ball, and he was so excited!
Shelbyanne was helping him open his presents as he was playing with Mac.
Cool Car track! 
Back to Mac! 
The girls loved the earrings from Nana and Pawpaw!
Emily hugging her Bullseye from Meme and Grandaddy! 
I think she likes it!
Shelbyanne displaying her new outfit from Meme and Grandaddy.
Daddy sporting Shelbyanne's new hat.  
Thank you Meme and Grandaddy for Dolly. 
WooHoo! New books from Pops and Baboo!
Shelbyanne new exactly what books these were as soon as she saw the cover. She was very excited. 
Emily is hugging the whiteboard she got from Pops and Baboo. She pretty much hugged everything as soon as she opened it. She was so excited about everything. 
The girls got new candy jewelry from Pops and Baboo. Emily is striking a pose with it.  
The girls are modeling some of their new jewelry, which were eaten before we finished opening presents!
Thank you Nana and Pawpaw for the cards to go play games at  Fun Spot here in Tanzania. We are planning to go next week, before Shelbyanne goes back to school. 
 Thanks to all of you who helped make this a wonderful Christmas for our family. We were able to keep some of our family traditions while starting new ones. We are so blessed and hope that we are being blessings to others as well. 
Amy, Rob, Shelbyanne, Emily, and Donovan Ellis

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