Monday, November 14, 2011


Our perspective...Rob and I have been talking lately about our perspectives compared to the African perspective. They are vastly different. Especially in regards to the electricity problem they have here. To us it is terribly inconvenient and frustrating. We call every time the power cuts out to see if it is a problem or rationing. A local person is inconvenienced, but it is just a part of life. They will not spend their money to call about it.

Other's perspective of us...Here, especially in the area we live in, we stand out in a crowd anytime we walk down the street. It doesn't matter where we came from, we are considered foreigners. Plus we don't have the language and culture fluently yet, so we are unable to converse with complete understanding...yet!
Our language helper told me the other day that I am like a fish. I was telling him how I felt about my progression in Swahili, when he told me that I was like a fish. I wasn't sure what to think, but then he made his point clear. "Fish don't realize that they are in the water, until they are out of the water", he said. He also said that when visitors come and they have no idea what people are saying, I will realize how much I really do know. It was definitely encouraging to hear him say that.

Our kids' perspectives...I often wonder what they are thinking and feeling. Many days they wear their emotions on their shoulders. Others it is kind of hard to tell. They truly have adjusted so well to all the "New" things in their "new" world. Shelbyanne still covers her nose at times. Can't say that I blame her. Emily still wants to pick up "treasure" everywhere we go. Donovan, well he has taken a fancy to riding in Kabila's car (our taxi driver), and doesn't mind sometimes being carried on mama's back like the local kids.

Well, I have rambled long enough. Here are some current pictures. Bless you all, and thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. Here are some recent photos of us!

Haloween at a friend's outdoor kids play center. Happy Birthday Ms. Claudia! Thanks for inviting us! 

Look at those dirty feet!

And those...they got much dirtier before the day was through!

Donovan playing with his cars. He is such a big boy! He is ready to see a NASCAR race. His cars are riding around the race course...aka - Dining table. 

Rob getting ready to cut into a Jack fruit. Yikes! Do you like the picture on the wall of our kitchen? It is a special tile placed there for...for...we don't really know what it is for. 

Pastor George teaching Rob how to prepare a jack fruit. Boy was it smelly!

Rob and I de-meating the jack fruit...Yuck!

Shelbyanne and her class getting ready for their assembly presentation!

Shelbyanne and her classmates after their presentation. They were wonderful! Shelbyanne was an Egyptian soldier...can't you tell!?

Emily enjoying some playtime with a friend's cat. She has such a soft heart towards animals. 

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