Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Wait is Over!!!

The school called today to tell us that Shelbyanne has a place in first grade for next year. I screamed...while on the phone. I felt like I had just won American Idol. I was in the process of looking at other options for her, considering purchasing homeschool materials, even applying at other schools. God is so good. Thank you so much for lifting up prayers for her with us. We knew God had plans and would reveal them in His time. Thank you God for providing so mightily for us!!

In other news...All is well. We are preparing for visitors in the month of June. The first week of June we will have teammates from Mozambique here to help consult us on making a plan for acquiring the language and culture here. We are super excited about their visit. They will spend a week with us and I am actually really excited about the fellowship we will have together for that week.

Then later in the month a team from our sending church will be heading this way. They will visit 2 countries in Africa. We will be the 2nd stop. I am going tomorrow to book a hotel for them and make preparations for their arrival. We are overjoyed that they will be coming. It will be nice for our whole family to see familiar faces. Then one of the youth on that team will be staying with us for over three weeks after the team leaves. We are excited that she will be with us. My girls are going to have a blast. We might not let her go home...j/k!

Well, that's the big news of the day. Just thought I would share. Hope this finds you all blessed and being blessings to others.

Tumefurahi sana!!

We are very happy!!

Here are some pictures that Shelbyanne took out our taxi window the other day. She loves to take pictures and gets some good shots at times.

This is a shoe store. Love how they hang them from a line.Those are sheets, mattresses and mosquito nets being sold.

Just like Goodyear!
Street vendors sell all sorts of things from gum and drinks, to bicycle tires, toys and stickers.

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