Saturday, May 21, 2011


Day 4 of the power outage and we have power. The power was off for 10 hours one day then two hours the next. Then it has been on for the past 2 days. I am so thankful we have had power. It hasn't been as bad as I was expecting. Today we went for an outing to a African arts and crafts market. It was really neat. Then we went to a mall of African arts and crafts where we walked around, the kids played at a playground (their favorite thing about today), and then had pizza for lunch at a restaurant by the ocean (my favorite thing about today). It was wonderful.

Everyday we experience new things, discover new pieces of the puzzle of the Swahili language, learn new aspects of culture, and so much more. At the end of every day I think to myself that my brain cannot hold another piece of information. And yet, the very next day I am at it again. It is so cool how God made our minds.

I have also been constantly thinking what a blessed people we are. I come from a country where in most of the homes you can turn on a sink and have running water. That is not the case here. There is water available to buy and use that is safe to drink, cook, and bathe with, but not everyone has it piped into their homes. Electricity here is a luxury not a guarantee. We have adapted well to the power going off and coming back on. I just refer back to our first days here when I learned that it is okay to be sweaty. I have noticed that I don't like the way I smell when I sweat. It is not bad, just different. I am getting used to it though.
Last thing for tonight. Notice the picture of Donovan below? Check out the bug bites on his arm, which are also on his legs a bit too. That happens to all three of our kids when they play in the dirt here. We think they are chiggers or something like that, because we can't see them, and the bumps barely itch, but last for many days. Strange? I may play in the dirt soon to see if it happens to me too.

Well, Usiku mwema! May your night be good!


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  1. Rob & Amy, God is truly blessing you in your work and life there. We at FBC all pray for you. Our Sunday Bible study group [ Soaring Eagles] is contributing to the "Water Project" in Africa. I don't know if this is taking place in your area, but I appears to be a very practical and useful project in getting clean water to many areas of Africa where there is no clean water. John Jones son and the FBC Youth have done a wonderful job in giving financial support to this effort. Blessings, Will & Loreta