Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our time here at the language school is coming to a close. We will have to say goodbye for now to friends we have made. We are excited about what we have been able to learn these past three weeks, and look forward to many opportunities to practice our Kiswahili. It is definitely easier to understand the language when it is written than when it is spoken. I hope and pray that my mind can transition to doing more listening and understanding when I am not trying to construct sentences for homework. The kids have loved our time here. They have a great time everyday in their class. The girls both say that their favorite thing at the kindergarten is the playground, which shows with all the bumps and bruises they get each day while playing. The picture above is of them today after class in the T-shirts they made.

I am really looking forward to getting back to the city we live in. Our first objective is to find a home to rent. When we were there before we were not able to find one, which is one reason we decided to come here rather than wait around there, hoping something would open up while we were gone. Our contacts there are working with "realtors" to find us a home. It would be nice to find a place that can meet our needs, maybe some of our wants, and be close to the area of town we need to live in. I am hopeful that there is a house out there for us. We just have a short window of time when we first return before our contacts head out of town for 8 days. We would like to find a house within a few days of being back. ANYTHING is possible...Right?! Our temporary housing there is great, and we are looking forward to being back with the same family we stayed with before. I think they are excited to have us come back, or at least to have Donovan back(or Donny as he is called), who is quite popular there. :) I am still positive that we will settle somewhere soon and begin to "build our nest". Below are some of our recent photos, including more bug pictures.

This is not a bug...It's Emily pretending to be a shark. Here is a millipede that is longer than a "bun length" hot dog!Here I am going through my Sughuli Leo (daily activities) with my classmates.Donovan has started roll playing with his toys. Although we don't know what he is saying yet...he does!The coolest moth I have ever seen!The girls were eating some ice cream with one of their new friends.

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