Friday, April 22, 2011

Our New Home…

Here is a photo of our new home. We have signed a year contract and transferred half of the year’s rent money to the owner. He is working with us to let us pay the next half by the end of next month. This has proven to be a long process filled with lots of mixed emotions, blessings, prayer, stomach knots, flexibility, and even sickness. Rob got a cold earlier this week that has been going around. He got over it fairly quickly. I got hit hard with it yesterday and even more so today. I will get a testing kit tomorrow and make sure it is not malaria, but we are fairly sure it is not. Symptoms of malaria don't include runny nose and phlegmy coughing. This is not a good time to be sick, but when is it a good time? :) God has provided in miraculous ways, and we give Him all the glory. We get to go through this process, but He is the one who has orchestrated our steps and decisions. We praise Him for this amazing house that will bless our family and our ministry here.
We are having the house cleaned tomorrow while we are shopping for furniture. We hope to be all moved in by Wednesday of next week. WooHoo!!
Today is Good Friday and here it is a national holiday. Most places are closed, and a lot of people are not working. This made our shopping trip today a bit hard and not so successful. Our taxi driver told us that it rains every year on Good Friday. And sure it rained, and poured. It is very symbolic that the earth is shedding its tears for the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross to save us from the consequences of our sins. We are grateful to be reminded of that so often here.
I will update again soon with pictures of the inside of the house, which is as nice as the outside. Some things we found out about the house after we decided to go for it are...well water safe for human consumption, a back-up generator for the frequent power outages, and a solar water heater for hot showers! Blessings!
Thank you to all of YOU who Partnered with us to make this a possibility! You are such a blessing to us, and we pray that we are making the best decisions with your support.



  1. beautiful house! Praise God He provided it! Have fun moving in and setting up house. We miss you guys. :)

  2. Great to see so many people step up in this way...

  3. Rob & Amy,

    Lovely home. God Provides!

    I am so happy with the success
    of your mission work.


    Will& Loreta