Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Renovations and Rabbits

 We are so excited about what God is doing in our church here. They have been meeting in a primary school classroom for 11+ years. This month we will  Celebrate!! Because now we as a church own a building. It is in the process of being renovated. They worked on the ground floor first. The bottom floor is where the Pastor's family will live with a few other rooms to rent out to have income for the church. The church will meet on the top floor, which they are finishing now. They don't plan on building walls around the church meeting area. We will proclaim the gospel from the rooftops! 
Here are some photos of the construction in progress. 
This is a view from the front.
The boys had to climb up to get the ladder down!
This is the ladder to get up.
It seems to be missing a few steps.
The proper stairs will be built soon.
Here is the view from one side.
Rob visited the church on New Years Day.
They visited the building then had a worship time
at the Pastor's house downstairs. 
View from the other end.
This is a picture of the group that met that day.
This is about half of the people that attend. 
These are some of the beautiful children
we get to see every week.
They are precious in His sight! I love their smiles. 
 We ate our first rabbit. It was really good. Rob took care of all the prep work. I am so thankful to him for that. He also cooked it. The kids all saw parts of the process. Shelbyanne, as you can see in the pictures below, wanted to be there, but didn't want to see. She was so funny about it. She eventually did eat it, but was definitely hesitant initially! 
We all enjoyed the fruit of Rob's hard work! 
She held the eye, and brought it to me to see it!
Donovan enjoying his rabbit dinner!
And the girls taking their first bites of theirs. :)

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