Monday, April 9, 2012

Here are some photos of our Easter Sunday!
The lady on the left visited our church. I made her laugh! She is the grandmother of the lady on my right!
Easter meal as a church!
We all received a plate FULL of food!
Rob is showing off his technique for eating with his hands. 
The pastor's son was helping Emily find grasshoppers. 
We got to dye Easter eggs thanks to a Christmas gift game at our Thanksgiving celebration. I ended up with an Easter egg dying kit! What a blessing!
Donovan liked adding stickers to his egg. 

I think he ate the chocolate egg in his hand for a good 30 minutes. He knows how to savor the flavor!
They were surprised...
And Happy...
For the chocolate and going on an egg hunt with our 14 dyed eggs... 
In our jungle of a yard!

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  1. The Easter photos are a lot of fun! The egg hunt looked like serious business, no easy lawn bowling there.