Friday, February 10, 2012

You are what you eat! Haha!

The day started like any other Sunday. We woke up, ate breakfast, got ready, and went downstairs to leave for church. I entered the kitchen to the most rancid smell I could think of. I knew Rob had discussed the menu with our house worker, so I didn't question what she was preparing.  Thankfully we had already eaten breakfast, so we were able to head out the door pretty quickly for church. Shelbyanne's reaction was funny. I can't remember what she said, but the look she gave was priceless. (Note: She doesn't plug her nose like "normal" people, she puts 2 fingers right inside the nostril openings. I guess that mutes the smell, and is a bit more conspicuous when there is a bad smell. Smart girl! :) 
When we returned from church the kitchen was as it should be again. No pungent odor in the room. All was right with the world again. But I had not yet lifted the lid of the food I was about to eat. As soon as I lifted the cover and began stirring I knew what it was. I saw familiar things like potatoes, cooking bananas, and carrots. I smelled coconut and sauce that I love. Then I saw it. Tubes, cut into 1&1/2 inch sections. Flat pieces that looked like a brush. I knew immediately what it was because just the week before we had talked with our Pastor/Language Helper about how his wife cooks it, and he eats it, but it is not his favorite. 
Have you guessed what it was? 
The stomach of Cow!
To some of you that might sound good. To others, not so bad. But to those of you who are like me...Yuck!!! I did my duty and cut it up small for my children and mixed it into their food. They didn't even notice it was there. I also made sure I got some in my bowl, and ate it. It was tough to eat it while keeping a straight face for everyone else at the table, including the cook. I thought, "If I am going to get sick, it will be from the knowledge of what I was eating and not the thing itself." 
The meal ended without any drama, which was nice. I realized something new that day...
I do NOT like to eat utumbo wa 'ngombe!! (stomach of cow) 
Thanks for sharing in this experience with me. I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me! :)
I have also included some new photos. 
A local street
A local shoe store. They actually have shoe stores in buildings. This is just my favorite one to see.
This sign just made us laugh! Maybe they should have re-thought that one!
Need some used pants?
Results of the big flood in December.
Donovan playing with the cars for sale at the local market. The ladies told me to let him play!
A day at the beach/pool. So thankful for the local hotels letting us pay a little to use their facilities!
Rob and the girls went and sat in the Indian Ocean. 
Emily playing Old Maid with Penina. The girl who has been playing with the kids while we have our language studies. Friday was her last day. She goes back to school soon. We are sad!
Shelbyanne caught a HUGE grasshopper. My favorite thing about this picture is how she is holding it. Check out the pinkie. She gets that from me!


  1. Wow, girl! I wish I could FedEx you some chick-fil-a right now! Lol! Thanks for sharing your adventures! Love ya!

    1. I do miss me some Chick-fil-a!!! Miss you guys more though!!!

  2. Experiencing the world through your stomach and relationships, as well as your eyes, ears, nose and feelings! Great! Yet, it's always relative - be glad it wasn't sushi-ed stomach parts!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I enjoy reading your blogs, Amy! God bless you all in what you're doing for Him. Your children are so precious!

    Love Cheryl

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I hope things are well with you! Love and Blessings!